• Noble M400

    Always draws a crowd!

  • 2400 pounds, but comfortable

    Snug race seats, full roll cage, and a/c!

  • 600 hp worth of mid-engine

    All aluminum, 4 cams, 4 valves, 20 psi of chilled boost.

My current project car: 2007 Noble M400

Despite being a car guy for many decades, I was completely unaware of the Noble brand.  Then I went to a local shop to pick up a silicone hose elbow for my supercharged Corvette.  The guy who runs the place asked if I would like a quicky shop tour.  There were several Nobles in various states of disassembly, and I got hooked when I looked at the chassis design and running gear.

It turned out that there was a Noble for sale just an hour away, so I made arrangements for a test drive.  That test drive reeled me in.  I expected Lotus or Miata nimble, and that’s what I found.  I expected incredible grip, and that’s what I found.  But I did not expect supercharged Corvette acceleration!  This thing was a 500 hp Elise with big brakes!  (It was modified, including a bump in turbo boost.)

The owner and I could not agree on a price, but I found my M400 in Kentucky after several months of looking.  It had just 2000 miles on the clock and was completely factory stock.  That might be a desirable thing for a garage queen Ferrari, but I quickly learned that the Noble needed help to be a comfortable, enticing daily driver.  I’m quite picky, and it makes me crazy when my car always does something annoying.  I have to track down the cause of the annoyance, and fix it.

Many of my changes, such as the Audi dash vents, are strictly for looks.  Others, such as the AeroCatches, are to make the car more pleasurable to work on as well as more attractive (IMHO).  But most of the changes (insulation, single turbo conversion) have made the car more fun to drive and easier to live with.

I hope you enjoy this site, and that maybe you come to realize that the Noble is really an incognito supercar.  It doesn’t have 3000 pounds of software like the more well known brands, but in the hands of a skilled driver (not mine!), it will run with them.  It’s especially fun to embarrass big hp musclecars who expect me to disappear in their rear view mirror, but discover that they are looking at my tail lights.

My intent with this site is to document everything I’ve done with the Noble.  Click on the Picture Gallery link for the menu of mods.  If it’s been a while since your last visit, you may have to refresh the page to see the latest additions.  The same goes for all the individual mod pages because I will add to them to keep them up to date.  I’m always tinkering!