The Acceleronics R&D Camaro making a 9.5 second pass.

These guys are running the Acceleronics VersaFueler, the best way to run big injector with your factory ECU

This GTO packs twin turbos where you can’t see them!

Drew’s Mustang has been in the magazines. You can see why.

This Mustang runs a very serious blower.

Customer feedback

John Burton, 6-Time FFW True Street Champion, says,
“Jeff, I want to thank you for an excellent product! The VersaFueler was a simple to install, quality product, that allowed me to install any digital fuel injector processor, without a separate low impedance injector driver. I run a 1989 Mustang with an AEM EMS fuel injection system – and the VersaFueler made the system a simple plug & play digital fuel injection system. Thanks!”

Mark A. says,

“Thank you Jeff. Impressive product, impeccable support.”

Sean C says,
“Aeromotive fuel pump, -10 feed lines, -6 return lines, custom fuel rails, MSD 50# injectors, fuel pressure at 60PSI @ 0 Vacuum, +70 under boost. Running out of fuel. Put the impedance converter in, knocked the fuel pressure to 48PSI @ 0 Vacuum, 72# injectors.. purrs like a kitten, plenty of fuel up top.”

Thomas from the Corvette Connection says,
I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely impressed with the simplicity and performance of your inverter. The old high impedance monster injectors will be obsolete in our kits. I am working on an installation manual and kit, specific for the C5.
As time allows the final development of our cog drive I should be able to get some real Dyno and WB O2 readings on our radical ’99. Bigger fuel pumps helped too!
I am waiting to hear back on two quotes. I will be ordering soon. Thanks again for the awesome product.”

Hugh L. says,
“Acceleronics and 72#/hr are great!
If you need big injectors and don’t want to go to the speed density stand-alone computer system, I would highly recommend doing the Acceleronics impedance converter and low impedance injectors. I was really hesitant and scared to do this and tried to avoid doing it. I looked for some good 50#/hr injectors, but found that the 50#/hr are very sluggish and can’t handle my planned hp goal. So I bought the box and the Siemens 72#/hr injectors since I have spent so much money on my power setup and wanted to do this right.
We installed in the box and injectors easily, and Jeff helped with the LT1 Edit file. We basically just tossed in a simple file and the car idles really well and runs like a monster. I am really glad I had done this and how well it turned out. The Acceleronics box with low impedance injectors is a great and simple alternative. So don’t be afraid to do this!”

Jeff Creech, Owner of Carolina Auto Masters, says,
“VersaFueler allows me to consistently tune supercharged cars to a safer, higher horsepower level than when using 50-55 lb high impedance injectors. The improved idle and drivability are an added bonus. It’s great now to have a low cost solution for my customers that gives stock drivability and no worries about having enough injector.
As a tuner, your box makes me look good for a lot less than FAST or DFI, and because I can tell a customer with aspirations of glory to buy the last injector they’ll ever need this time rather than upgrade after upgrade. I owe you some of the beers my customers have bought for me because of the VersaFueler.”

Darren E. says,
“Guys, I wanted to let you know that I just got done rewiring for low impedance injectors. Jeff Stevens’ impedance converter works flawlessly, I am pleased to announce. The 72#’ers also seem to idle well, although I haven’t had much time to check it all out.”