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Forgeline zx3r front

Factory Noble M400 wheels look decent, but they are heavy and known to be a bit weak.  Another Noble owner was selling his track day Forgelines, which he said were in good shape.  I bought them, and he was wrong.  I spent a LOT of time cleaning up an endless number of small dings, apparently from high speed tours of the kitty litter in run-off areas.  Then I had them powder coated satin black.  They look new.

Forgeline zx3r rear

Both front and rear wheels are 18" in diameter and 1/2" wider than stock.  I bumped the tires one size to 235/40 front, and 275/35 rear Michelin Pilot Super Sports.  The billet aluminum center caps are now installed, but I don't have any recent beauty shots of the car.  Maybe after El Nino runs out of steam there will be some dry days in NorCal.

steel fasteners = heavy

The Forgelines are 3-piece wheels, and mine were held together with steel fasteners.  The nuts are heavy, almost 2 pounds total, and the bolts are heavier still.  I thought I weighed them, but I can't find the pic.

titanium fasteners = light

The tale of the scale!  Titanium nuts shave a bit more than a pound of unsprung, rotating weight.  The titanium bolts shaved a larger number of pounds, but I can't find those pics.

carbon fiber mirrors

These mirrors are all up-side.  They look much better than the factory mirrors, they are MUCH lighter, and there's a pretty good chance that they enable more air to enter the side scoops leading to the engine bay.  These are SPA Technique mirrors that I bought from Pegasus.

old versus new

I think everybody will agree that the SPA mirrors look much better than the bulbous factory parts.

heavy factory mirrors

The factory mirrors weigh nearly 5 pounds.

4 pounds off the car!

The SPA carbon mirrors weight less than 1 pound.

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