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Proper D2S HID low beam conversion

I tried one of the cheap HID kits that combines an HID capsule with the factory H8 base, but the results were not what I wanted.  A guy on the UK PistonHeads Noble forum posted about a proper D2S conversion, so I got in contact with him.  Peter G was extremely helpful, and I ended up with the parts you see here.  Hella D2S housings, Bosch xenon drivers with attached D2S socket rescued from a BMW 750i, and Philips xenon lamps.

D2S HID installed

The Hella D2S housing was a drop in replacement for the factory H8 housing, which made the swap pretty easy.  I used industrial strength Velcro strips to secure the Bosch ballasts to the sides of the headlight pods.  They have not moved in many thousands of miles.

D2S versus H8 housing

This shot compares the new D2S housing with the original H8 housing.  Not very interesting, except to see why the new part is a drop-in replacement.

Ebay LED High Beam Lamps

I wanted brighter, whiter high beams to match my HID low beams, but the Hella D2S housings and Bosch ballasts would have run a grand.  I don't use the high beams enough to justify spending a kilobuck.  I spotted these H9 LEDs in eBay for cheap and decided to give them a try.

Tie wrap stabilizers for LED

The lamps fit, but loosely, and the heavy heat sink hanging behind the mounting surface guaranteed bouncing beams.  Since these are eBay lamps, I figured tie wrap stabilizers were the appropriate technology level.  The two tie wraps are very tight, and pulling in opposite directions.  Amazingly, the lamp beams are quite stable, even on bumpy roads.  The color temp and brightness are a good match for the HID low beams.  Victory!

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