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Pump and 100 micron pre-filter assembly

I can't believe that Noble locates the fuel pump and filter outside the frame rails.  The factory pump is protected by the fiberglass body and sheet aluminum floor pan.  That won't slow an oncoming car much in a side impact crash.  I wanted my fuel pump and filters inside the frame rails and under the fuel tank.  Here you see the plate that supports the Fuelab pump and 100 micron pre-pump filter.  Very compact assembly!  Pump inlet plumbing is all -10.

pump and filter assembly in fuel tank "garage"

The factory fuel tank was heavily reworked by Alan Blaine of Blaine Fab (You race 'em, we brace 'em!).  Alan made a garage for the pump and filter plate that lives below most of the tank volume.  The braided stainless AN line connects the pre-filter to the tank sump seen on the right of the pic

Pump and 10 micron post-filter to regulator plumbing

You can see the pump outlet in the fuel tank "garage" feeding the 10 micron post-pump filter which, in turn, feeds the Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator.  I used -6 push-lock hose from Aeroquip because it is quite light and easy to work with.  You can see that the fuel delivery system is as short as I could make it, and it uses the minimum number of bends.  And, it's all inside the frame rails!

Regulator to rail plumbing

Here you see the regulator return line to the fuel tank and the supply line to the fuel rail.  Inside the tank, there is an aluminum tube from the return line bung to the bottom of the tank.  This was done to minimize splashing.  Craig Hill of Top of the Hill Performance Center welded the AN fitting to the factory fuel rail.

Complete fuel tank

This is a shot of the finished tank at Alan Blaine's shop.

Fuel tank internal details

This shot might be confusing until you get yourself oriented.  The tank is almost completely tipped on its side (actually the front face as it's mounted in the car).  The original bottom plate is seen on the right side of the pic near the duct tape.  You can see the new bottom plate, which forms the roof of the fuel pump garage.  The garage walls have not been welded in place in this pic.  Alan welded in a number of baffles to prevent fuel from sloshing out of the sump.  The float pocket is a small volume that extends to the original tank bottom to provide a way for the fuel level sender float to reach the true bottom of the tank.

Protected fuel pump assembly "garage"

You can see how well protected the fuel pump is in this location.  The sump outlet is near the right edge of the pic, and the float "pocket" is seen in the middle of the pic.

another view of protected fuel pump "garage"

This view clearly shows the slope of the fuel pump garage roof, which is the bottom of the main tank volume.  This slope encourages fuel to flow into the sump in the lower right corner of the pic.  Internal baffles keep it there.

Provision for fuel level sender float

I hope this shot makes the fuel lever sender "float pocket" more clear.  The float gets close to the original tank bottom as shown here.  New vertical walls close off the float pocket and the sump volume seen in the right half of this pic.

Fuel pickup plumbing

I don't ever want to run my car nearly out of fuel, but this pic shows that I can probably drive the car down to about a liter of fuel remaining.  This panel closes off the sump.

Tank bottom view showing size of sump

Some of the other pics make the sump look a bit small.  I'm guessing that it holds between three and four liters (between 3/4 and 1 gallon).

Newton anti-siphon valve

This valve does three related things.  It prevents fuel vapor from leaving the tank, something your wife will appreciate because it means no gas smell in the garage and in the house.  But, as fuel is drawn from the tank, it lets air in.  Finally, if the car rolls over in a crash, it prevents liquid fuel from leaking out of the tank.  Crashes are bad, fire is worse!

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