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Fuel pressure sensor for ECU

This is an unfinished work in progress.  Highly boosted engines like this one live or die based on maintaining the proper air/fuel ratio.  One important factor is proper fuel pressure.  I set my static fuel pressure to 43 psi, and I think the pump and regulator are properly sized for my horsepower needs.  But there is this nagging anxiety caused by not knowing what the fuel pressure does when the turbo is making 1.5 bar of boost.  My solution is to log fuel pressure.

Fuel pressure sensor weight

As always, weight is a concern.  The Noble weighs a smidge under 2400 pounds, and I don't want to spoil that.  My fuel pressure sender, plumbing, and connector pigtail add less than 1/4 pound.  It's worth the weight.

Fuel pressure sensor part numbers

Here are the parts I used in case you want to add fuel pressure logging to your car.

Fuel pressure sensor calibration

A sensor is worthless, or even harmful, if it is not calibrated.  I used compressed air, a precision pressure gauge, and my digital multimeter to calibrate my sensor.

Fuel pressure sensor calibration curve

Plugging pressure and voltage values into Excel resulted in this nicely linear calibration curve.  Since it's linear, I can use two calibration points in my ECU.

Fuel pressure sensor pin functions

Here is the sensor pinout.

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